Herbal Balm 100 ml


For liniment,relief of muscle, joint and back sprain,in flammation, numbness cramp, Insect bites, fresh cut wound burnsparathesie, skin Itchyness and Stomachach.

Tamarind body scrub 300ml


Tamarind extract is hight in a AHA and Enzymes and rich in a fiber and vitamin C. It helps to remove of dead skin cells,reduction of the dark spots and skin degeneration.


Turmeric body scrub 300ml


Turmeric contain high antioxidant properties which help to soften skin as well as to clean dead skin cell.

Herbal Compress / Herbal ball


To reduce tendon and joint swelling and muscle pain.Massage the herbal on the body and neck to stimulate blood flow nerve stimulation and to relax your body.

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Bale Fruit Tea
(Matoom tea)


The Matoom tea is believed to have benefits of healing digestive disorders, internal wounds like haemorrhoids and ulcers, disinfecting the gastro-intestinal tract, healing constipation and getting rid of accumulated toxins in the intestines. Bael fruit tea is also used as a remedy for asthma, common cold, diabetes and high cholesterol levels.